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Sifnos - VathiBuilt in a gulf, hiding from wind, 10 km south-west from the Apollonia, you will meet Vathi. It is a magnificent coastal village that has become a well-known destination in Sifnos. Its landmark is the golden sandy beach and the peacefulness of the landscape. Vathi in the old days was a far-away village of potters in which some of the most traditional ceramic of Sifnos were made. Even today this tradition remains alive and a walk in the potteries is really worth trying. In your way to Vathi, you will admire the monastery of Fyrogeia and the natural springs of the area. Also on your right, you will find the monastery of Saint Andreas. There you will find also the most important archaeological area of Sifnos. The ruins of a Mycenean citadel.


Sifnos - VathiLandmark of Vathi is the monastery of Taxiarches , built in the small port. The cells where in the old days the monks lived have become today rooms that accommodate the tourists. The magic of Vathi complete the traditional little taverns by the sea that offer fresh fish and traditional dishes of Sifnos.
If you are interested in visiting a distant coastal area of Sifnos, Vathi is a very good choice. You will find many rooms to let, hotels, apartments as well as Sifnos - Vathione of the biggest and most luxurious hotels of Cyclades.


The coastal section of Vathi is entirely covered by sand and crystal water. Beside the main beach there are also three smaller beaches (all accessible) and thus your choices are many.