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Platis Gialos...

Sifnos - Platis GialosIn the past Platis Gialos was (as other coastal villages) one of the biggest potters settlement. Today you can admire the variety of Sifnos ceramics while having a walk in the potteries by the sea.
There are many hotels and rooms to let of the area and thus the visitor has many choices for accommodation. Also you will find a well organized municipal camping as well as mini market for your daily shopping. The amazing restaurants and taverns of Platis Gialos complete the picture of an autonomous area in which the visitor can pass his entire day without having the feeling that something is missing.


Sifnos - Platis GialosPlatis Gialos is the biggest and perhaps the most cosmopolitan beach of Sifnos which is rewarded also in 2007 for fifth year with the blue flag. Its sandy beach is extended from the north until the southern side of the bay and is one of the biggest in Cyclades. In the beautiful beach bars depending on your mood you can relax drinkingSifnos - Platis Gialoscoffee or have fun with loud music and cocktails.
Your choices for swimming however do not stop here. Going South and behind the small hill, Lazarou beach offers something different, if you would like to escape from the sandy beaches. The beach bar that is built with stone, the umbrellas and the deck-chairs complete the picture of the isolated small bay.


Sifnos - Platis GialosOpposite from the village, you will see the unique islet that constitutes also integral piece of Sifnos. Kitriani. The unique evidence of human activity in the island is the church of Virgin Mary of Ktriani which is the most ancient ecclesiastical monument on Sifnos. The initial name of the church was Virgin Mary of Kipriani, because it is built by Cypriote. Today it has prevailed as Virgin Mary of Kitriani. Even if it is difficult to access it, it is really worth visiting. Going to Platis Gialos, do not omit to visit the monastery Panagia tou Vounou following the relative sign. Built in the edge of the mountain it is one of the most beautiful and well known monasteries on Sifnos. The beautiful view of Platis Gialos and Kitriani will fascinate you.