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SIFANO -Car and moto rental in Sifnos

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sifnos through the hired cars and motorcycles of SIFANO Car Rental. SIFANO has the biggest fleet of cars and the best variety of vehicles available for rent in Sifnos, all in the best prices. More...

Phone: +30 22840 33044
Fax: +30 22840 28994
Mobile: +30 6974849721
SIFANO -Car and moto rental in Sifnos

Opened on 2007, the car rental office in the port of Kamares with the name ‘ELMAR’, offers brand new cars for the exploration of Sifnos. Move along the island safely and with comfort with one of our cars. More...

Phone: +30 22840 31040
niki PLUS - Car and moto rental office

Move in all areas of Sifnos with safety, with one of the vehicles of plus NIKI Car and Moto rental. We guarantee quick service and immediate delivery of all our cars we offer for rental. More...

Phone: +30 22840 33993
Fax: +30 22840 33995
Mobile: +30 6972770480
With two car rental offices in the port of Kamares, 1o Moto Car Rental is one of the biggest car and motorcycles rental offices in Sifnos. Rent the vehicle of your choice and explore beautiful Sifnos. More...
Phone: +30 22840 33791, 31661, 33554, 33793
Mobile: +30 6946508918
Fax: +30 22840 33792
Email: info@protomotocar.gr
URL: http://www.protomotocar.gr