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The fact that the writer has passed the 14 first years of his life in Sifnos, growing in the port of Kamares, perhaps constitutes element of discrimination against the other areas of Sifnos. Perhaps...Sifnos - Kamares

The toponym Kamares or Kamara comes from the past and derives from the many caves that existed on the rocky south coast of the bay. In the old days this caves were useful for storing the small fishing boats protecting them from bad weather and in there were made the essential repairs. Today these caves are not visible, because their places have occupied houses and shops.

Kamares are the port of Sifnos and perhaps the nerve centre of the island, especially during the arrival of ferry boats. Being the entry of the island, the village of Kamares will be the first impression of Sifnos. And believe me, these impressions will be the best. If you arrive at night raise your eyes at north-east. You will see high up a litted up monastery. This is the monastery of Saint Simeon. This spectacle perhaps will give you an idea about the morphology of Kamares. In the daylight you will be astonished. The port is found in the middle of the big embrace from three mountains. The mountain of Saint Simeon and Prophet Elias from the North and the mountain ‘Korakes’ from the South. That is why Kamares is very special. The combination of the wild mountainous landscape and the calmness scenery of the sea, where at East they are linked in colors and shape that only nature can combine.

Your day...

Apart from the morphology of the region, the activities in Kamares are very interesting as well. Kamares is the place you can pass your entire day without getting bored. Sifnos - KamaresFor your accommodation, there is a variety of rooms for rent, hotels, and furnished apartments even a well organized camping for those with free spirit. Leaving from your lodging you can enjoy a rich breakfast choosing one of the many cafes by the sea.

Although Kamares is actually a port, its beach is one of the cleanest in Sifnos.The beach is being rewarded since 2002 with the Blue Flag. Therefore the plunges and the sun bath in the sandy beach are essential. There are of course hidden choices for swimming in Kamares, depending on your mood...Sifnos - Kamares

And after you have been suntanned and played in the sea, naturally your stomach protests. Select according to what you have seen, hear or even better according to the proposals of insifnos.gr, the tavern, restaurant, pizzeria, grill, fish tavern, sandwiches or any food you can imagine.

The next reasonable thing to do is perhaps a good sleep. Sifnos - KamaresIf you decide not to, you can relax drinking a coffee by the sea. Once again your choices in Kamares are plenty. For example cafe ‘Kyma’ (..that means Wave) or ‘Geia mas’ for relaxation in the veranda of Soulis.A walk in the dock after the sunset will reveal you the cosmopolitan aspect of Kamares. The yachts and sailing boats that are lined up in the marina prove that Sifnos has become a popular destination of the Greek and not only jet set. It is very possible to recognize a famous singer or actor having their meal in the taverns of the area. The caiques and the traditional fishing boats will bring you back to the reality of Sifnos. They will remind you that beyond the veil of glamour of the summer period, there is the quiet, daily and authentic reality of the life in a Cycladic island. It is a reality that most of the visitors perhaps ignore. It would be a great idea to continue walking until the opposite side in Agia Marina.

A cocktail or a drink is essential for the after hours... If you search for a club, with loud music you will not find any. If you have such a mood, it is better to go to Apollonia. If however you seek a place to have a drink in Kamares, all the cafeterias are transformed in small bars in the evening. Leading choice is The Old Captains Bar of Lefteris and the famous Cafe Folie in Agina Marina.

You must...

Visit the many potteries that are found in Kamares. Lots of them are hidden in the alleys. We propose you to enter the stores because only this way you will see the different style and drawing of each artist. If you are lucky you can watch the creation procedure of the products. If this happens do not hesitate to ask any question you might have concerning the art. It is certain that the locals will answer to any question.
Visit the holy temple of Saint George and Saint Barbara in the dock of Kamares and also the Church of Saint Marina in the homonym settlement.
We would propose also the monastery of Saint Simeon on the top of the mountain. You have two choices. Firstly, if you have mood for mountaineering and good shape, you go up from Saint Marina. Sifnos - KamaresIt is easy for those that are used to climb without following a specific path. In maximum two hours you will be at the top. Your second choice is to go by car, following the street of Voreini. It is better if have a 4x4 vehicle, because the street is a bit rocky. The destination will make up to you for all the trouble to get there. The view of Serifos and Kythnos in the north-east, Paros and Antiparos in the west, Folegandros and Ios in the south-west and Kimolos, Milos in the south-east will fascinate you... A visit to the next top of Prophet Elias will complete your walking in the mountainous destinations of Kamares.


Sifnos - Kamares

It is a fact that in a lot of regions in Greece you will hear that the sunset is astonishing. It can be tedious however InSifnos.gr will point out these points in order to give you as much choices as possible. However the final choice is yours.
From the beach of Kamares you will see the sun be lost in the horizon, sunk in the water of Aegean. In the middle of July and in a suitable place on the beach, you will see the sun falling in the sea in the middle of the two mountains. Astonishing spectacle...
For those who are romantic, go up in Saint Marina and seat on the rocks. You will be rewarded...
For those who are bold from the top of Saint Simeon or Prophet Elias, the sun is lost behind Serifos, with view of all the Eastern Cyclades.


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