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Sifnos - ApolloniaUnlike other islands of Cyclades, the capital of Sifnos and of course the centre of island is called ‘Apollonia’ or ‘Stavri’ and not ‘Chora’. It is obvious that its name comes from the god Apollo and it means city dedicated in the adoration of the homonym god. ‘Stavri' is the local nickname of Apollonia and means ‘cross’.It is called like that probably because that area is a crossroad and obligatory passage to any direction of the island.
Sifnos - ApolloniaThe morphology of the land, makes Apollonia one from the most beautiful capitals in Cyclades because it is built amphitheatrically in three small hills. In south-west the taller mountain of Sifnos is found, the Prophet Elias, with the homonym monastery in the top. The quiet villages of Arades and Katavati are found in the southern hill and offer nice view to the centre. In Apollonia you will find, drugstores, shops, taverns, and naturally cafeterias and night clubs. Also there you can find the Health Centre of Sifnos. A lot of choices of course in accommodation like hotels rooms for rent and apartments. The two from the three gas stations of the island (the third is in Katavati) and all the banks (National Bank, ALPHA BANK and Piraeus Bank), are found also in the Apollonia.

In 'Steno'...

Wandering in the traditional alleys of Apollonia, you will admire its beautiful traditional architecture.Sifnos - ApolloniaThe area that is full of life specifically at the summer months is ‘Steno’. It is narrow alley which leads to Katavati. At ‘Steno’ are found most of the shops and almost all the bars and the clubs of Apollonia. There are many options for night life in Apollonia. The previously traditional houses are now transformed into bars and clubs with Greek or foreign music, live or not.
A place which really changed the scene, bringing an alternative way of entertainment in Sifnos, is ‘Rabagas’. This is an old mansion of Apollonia shaped in that way that offers small independent spaces. In this tasteful, alternative place, you can find an art gallery art which hosts the work of well- known artists, a cafeteria, a restaurant as well as little shops selling clothing and traditional ceramics.Sifnos - Apollonia

You must...

You must visit the Metropolis of Apollonia, Saint Spyridon and the folklore museum of Sifnos in the central square, with exhibits from the traditional life of the island, as local costumes, rural tools and many other things used in the past. Do not omit to drink coffee in the traditional cafe of Mr. Drakakis and feel like a local in Rampagas square.


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