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Sifnos has about 365 churches and monasteries and some of them are historical monuments. According to tradition there is a church for every day of the year. Some of the most remarkable are:

Sifnos - Epta MartyresSome of the churches and monasteries of Sifnos that have been characterized as historical monuments are:
Panagia Aggeloktisth in Katavati, The monastery of Profitis Ilias, the monastery of Chrisostomos in Kato Petali, Panagia ta Gournia in Pano Petali, Agios Antypas in Pano Petali, Agios Konstantinos in Artemonas, Panagia ths Ammou and Panagia Kogxh in Artemonas, Pagagia Eleousa in Kastro, the monastery of Panagia Poulati, Panagia tou Vounou in Platys Gialos and the well known monastery of Chrysopigi.

Some of the most remarkable churches and monasteries are:

In Apollonia:
Panagia Ouranoforos– You will admire the old icons, a remarkable bell tower and a gilded chancel.
Agios Sozon– Where you can see the carven chancel
The temple of Stavros– This temple is been build on the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo at 7000 BC.

In Artemonas:
Agios Konstantinos– Build in 1462.
Panagia Ths Ammou – With beautiful icons and chancel.
Panagia Kogxh– With the rare marble chancel

In Kastro: Sifnos - Panagia Poulati
Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nikolas)(16th century)
Kimish Ths Theotokou (16th century)
Panagia Eleousa(17th century – With wooden chancel, old icons and a precious Sepulchral
Theoskepasth(17th century)
Ioannis o Prodromos– Just outside Kastro
Agios Stefanos
Epta Martyres– Build at the top if a rock with a view to the Aegean Sea.
Panagia Poulati– Close to Artemonas.

In Katavati:
Agia Marina tou Flampourou
Agios Andreas - With its unique archaeological site Sifnos - The chancel of Agios Galaths

In Kamares:
Agios Georgios – At the centre of Kamares
Agios Symeon – At the top of the mountain
Profitis Ilias – Next to Agios Symeon
Agios Galaths - A little church on the road to Agios Symeon

In Agia Marina
Agia Marina – Build at the roots of the mountain Agios Symeon
Agia Aikaterinh – Opposite the dock of Kamares