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Sifnos - Kastro

The village lies two kilometers East of Apollonia. Passing by Kato Petali and after the first turn of the road, in front of you lies a village of rare beauty. Admiring Kastro (the toponym means Castle), you have a glance in the past, when the pirates acted in Mediterranean Sea. Its architecture had a purpose. Kastro was in the Venetian Season a village-fortress, Sifnos - Kastrobuilt in the top and of a small hill with unique purpose its protection from the invasions of pirates. The exterior walls of houses constitute the wall of the castle itself. In this houses lived mainly the lower caste of the island while the aristocracy was fortified to the top of the hill. To entry in Kastro even today the old entrances called "lodgies" are used, that in the past were protected by martial towers. Even today the beauty of Kastro remains intact from time passing by. The new houses and interventions have being made totally respecting the architecture of the area and the natural landscape.


Sifnos - KastroBeyond the historical interest that Kastro offers, its actual beauty is hidden in the back side of the village. The view of Aegean to the east is astonishing. In the traditional terraces the visitor can sit endless hours and survey the sea, enjoying the calmness and the peacefulness of the landscape.
It is worth making a walk in the interior of Kastro. Wander in the narrow alleys admire the beauty of tradition. The area of course has many rooms for rent with beautiful view and also you will find cafeterias, taverns, bars but also patisseries that offer you traditional pastries.


Sifnos - Kastro Naturally there are also options for swimming. Precisely in the shade of Kastro you will find the small beach Seralia. There you will enjoy the calm and the crystal water, away from the hubbub of the cosmopolitan beaches of Sifnos. Furthermore if you enjoy plunges from rocks, then Kastro is your choice. Go down to the Church Epta MSifnos - Kastroartures and carefully dive in to the water. Attention: be extremely cautious when diving in this area.
If you are interested in a place calm and isolated, pay a visit to the rocks under the church Panagia Poulati that will offer you precisely this. The astonishing small bay under the Church offers blue and crystal clear water. It is a great opportunity for underwater observation as well! Be equipped with mask and respirator and admire the underwater nature. The access by car in Panagia Poulati is very easy starting from the Artemonas and following the relative signs.