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Sifnos - ChrissopigiAccording to the tradition, the time that pirates invaded the Aegean islands, in the monastery of Chrissopigi, lived nuns who preserved the abbey and stayed in its cells. In one of their attacks in Sifnos, and while most of the nuns left the monastery, one of them remained in the abbey. Hunted from the pirates, the nun begged Virgin Mary of Chrissopigi to save her. Virgin Mary answered her prayers and separated the bight in the two creating a schism, throwing the invaders in the sea. This schism is the characteristic mark of Chrissopigi sea separates the bight from the land.
A place that has made Sifnos and Greece also famous through astonishing photos and card postal that demonstrates the natural beauty of our homeland.

The area...

Sifnos - ChrissopigiChrissopigi is an area in which the visitor of Sifnos can spend his vacation peacefully and quietly. The beach 'Apokofto' is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and combine sandy and rocky beach with crystal water. For more quietness prefer the small beach with pebble right of the monastery, but also the rocks under it. The many rooms for rent and hotels with splendid view in the Aegean but also the traditional restaurants by the sea complete the picture of the area that is offered for summer vacation.