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Starting from Artemonas, following the directions to Cheronissos and after 15 kilometres, you will find yourself in front of a very pleasant surprise. For those that have tired the noisy city, the graphic creek of Cheronissos will offer precisely what they seek. Painted - because the area is like a painting Sifnos - Cheronissos- in the northern edge of the island, Cheronissos will unfold in your eyes all the greatness of marine landscape and how this ties up with the colors of the island. The former traditional village of potters has become a small shelter for fishing and not only boats. In this graphic village, the locals will answer all your questions about how the life is in Cheronissos during the winter.


Sifnos - Cheronissos

Note that about ten years before, the access to Cheronissos was very difficult with a vehicle, because of the limited access road. During sthe summer, little boats from Kamares made trips to Cheronissos so as the tourists can see its beauty. Innovation is also and the electrification of region which in combination with the road construction opened new horizons in the quiet gulf.


Emotions...Sifnos - Cheronissos

Cheronissos will leave you a sense of isolation. This sense becomes more intense if you visit the region early in the summer or even better the rest of the year. A very good chance for personal reorganization... Do not miss watching the sunset from the small church that is found outside the village.