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Sifnos - ArtemonasIn distance of hardly one kilometer from the Apollonia, there is Artemonas. Artemonas is the second in size village of Sifnos, after Apollonia. When the visitor thinks of traditionally built streets and alleys, colorful courtyards and Cycladic architecture, then he should, without doubt, visit Artemonas. The place tradition and history. The old mansions that still remain in good condition, with the impressive entries and the enormous courtyards reveal the rich aristocratic past. Dare to enter in the interior of the village and to be lost in the mazy lanes of Artemonas. You will discover the local color and the scent of lavender and basil that floods the beautiful courtyards.


Sifnos - ArtemonasWhite and light blue dominate and are combined elaborately with colors by the bloomed plants in each corner of Artemonas. As you walk in the streets you will find many small shops, traditional patisseries with all the splendid pastries of Sifnos Sifnos - Artemonasand small traditionally built temples and Churches as ‘Panagia ths Koghis’ and ‘Panagia ths Ammou’. In the northernmost area of Artemonas and in prestigious post, stand two splendid windmills in good condition, witnesses of the distant past. The view to the Aegean sea takes the visitor’s breath away. The view to Kastro, Apollonia, Ano Petali, Kato Petali and Exabela, is also astonishing.

Sifnos - Artemonas


Besides the absence of a beach, Artemonas has many resemblances to the coastal villages. Plenty of rooms for rent and hotels wait for visitors who want to stay near the center of island. Famous restaurants and taverns promise to offer you the best local traditional dishes. During the afternoon, drinking your coffee accompanied by local pastries, in traditional patisseries and cafe of Artemonas is also a good choice.